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Direkt link 400 rack

1.00 kr

Inhouse developed product for live broadcast and distribution of TV and web TV

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Product Description

Direkt link 400 rack compress audio and video to MPEG4 AVC (H264) and has following digital inputs:


  • 2xSDI (HD/SD) with embedded audio (maximum of 8 audio channels)


The dual SDI input card makes the Direkt link 400 a future safe investment where you easily can activate an additional encoder* or the built in videomixer* for use of both SDI inputs.

One scenario is when sending program out on SDI 1, and multiview on SDI 2. Another is when encoding several different resolution and bitrates for broadcast and web TV applications. A third scenario is when activating the built-in videomixer to do clean-cuts and picture-in-picture between the SDI inputs. A perfect tool to use to easily create a more dynamic broadcast, works especially great when doing a “one man production”.


Latest generation supports high broadcast quality up to 1080p50/60

* separate option