Broadcast Convention in the Netherlands by invitation only

In The Netherlands Intinors partner NETCHANGE exhibits the Direkt Link 400 Mobile at an invitation only convention organized by the public national broadcasters BNN/VARA, NTR, VPRO.

With plenty of time for discussions and hands-on sessions a select number of suppliers where given the opportunity to show innovative solutions for ENG applications. The Direkt Link 400 Mobile offers a unique interaction with the KA-Sat satellite modems that allows it to dynamically adapt the bitrate to changing bandwidth conditions, i.e. the so called “ka-sat rain-fade” effect. The internal 2x camera production-mixer and the multiple 4G-bonding capabilities of the Direkt link 400 mobile offer even more innovative features sets when used in combination with the Direkt Router/receiver offering up to 18x IP-stream-inputs, protocol conversions and transcoding and stream/cleanfeed forwarding.

The whole convention was streamed live using the Direkt Link 400 Mobile and visitors and employees of the broadcasters were able to watch the show live on their mobile devices.

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