3.1 for beta testers

Our developers have released a beta version of 3.1 that is made available for beta testers. 3.1 is a software version that contains enhanced functionality as well as higher performance. We list here some examples:


A recent example is DreamHack who used 3.1 on their Direkt link 400 rack+ at DreamHack Masters in Las Vegas, something that made viewers all around the globe to praise the image quality on social media.
Enabling video+audio on HDMI/DVI/Displayport is a good way to monitor outgoing program on a Direkt link. On Direkt router it means that you can free up SDI out to show incoming video streams. By using the optional multiview this is something perfectly suitable for any control room environment.

We are really pleased to sharpen our offerings to our customers with this 3.1 release while we continue the development of 4.0 which will increase the interoperability with Direkt series” says Roland Axelsson, CEO and Product Manager at Intinor.

To access the 3.1 software, please contact us.

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