Consider using Nokia OZO Live?

At the ZDF VR-conference Intinor was showcasing the new 4K encoder doing an H264, 360VR live stream via a 4G bonded network onto the Youtube platform.

The Direkt link rack+ with 4K option can input 4K either as 6G-SDI or HDMI 2.0 (up to 4K@60Hz). It can integrate with the Nokia OZO Live and other 360VR systems offering highest quality standards at even low bitrates (8Mbits)

Useful features include cropping as well as GXF-insertions when streaming to Youtube direct with e.g. an added logo.

Taking into account that 4G bonding technologies are highly requested, Intinor is offering an excellent price-performance ratio“. The optional 4G-bonding+adaptive makes it a “unique mobile encoding solution“, commented Levent Çelik, Teltec (Nokia OZO partner, Germany).


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